Meet Erik Jones

Our best days can still be ahead of us, we just have to fight for them.

Erik was born and raised in Southern Illinois, and his family has called Southern Illinois home for seven generations. It was a great place to grow up. Erik’s family was a proud middle-class family. But today, Erik’s home town has seen better days – just like a lot of Illinois – and Erik knows that’s not good enough. He’s fed up with politicians who give us lip service, but refuse to do something.

Erik knows we deserve better, and he believes Illinois needs to send bulldogs to Congress to face our challenges, not backslappers. We’ve grown too comfortable with low expectations of our leaders. It’s time we raise the bar and that starts with changing who we send to Washington.

Erik is running for Congress because he believes our best days can still be ahead of us, we just need to fight for them. And, when it comes to standing up for underdogs and fighting for everyday people, he’ll put his record up against anyone’s.

As an Illinois Assistant Attorney General, Erik took on big banks that were forcing Illinois workers to swallow ridiculous fees for something as simple as accessing their pay. It wasn’t right, so he took on this fight, and now Illinois law is among the strongest in the country when it comes to protecting workers’ pay.

Throughout Erik’s career, he’s spearheaded investigations to root out scams, waste, and corruption so consumers, workers, and victims would be better protected. He’s has taken on the broken system, going toe-to-toe with corporations, government and politicians.  He’s held them accountable for helping themselves at the expense of everyday people. 

When victims of Hurricane Katrina survived the storm only to find themselves put back in harm’s way, Erik went to work. He investigated Washington and uncovered that FEMA ignored the toxic levels of formaldehyde in trailers it provided to victims of Hurricane Katrina. He listened to the concerns of people on the Gulf Coast and he held government accountable.

Erik got his start in public service as an Investigative Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight. Later, he served as the Chief Investigative Counsel for the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, leading investigations that targeted and stopped billion-dollar scams.

Most recently, as an attorney in private practice, Erik has helped U.S. companies respond to data breaches resulting from foreign hackers targeting American consumers’ Social Security numbers and financial information.

Erik learned about hard work and fairness from his mom and dad. His mom was a 5th grade teacher for over thirty years, and his dad, a small business owner, continues to operate a printing and office supply business. Erik grew up working in that print shop, and got his first job as an umpire for youth baseball games when he was thirteen. He also spent time working at the local Dairy Queen in high school, and worked his way through college and law school.

Erik’s parents met at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, which is where he went to school too. During his first day on campus at SIUE, Erik met his wife Karissa, and today they’re raising their two young sons in Edwardsville, Illinois.